2017 Iowa Star Party Registration September 14 to 18             
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2 night minimum, before registering for Oakridge House please confirm with Deb Bonser at dbonser@usa.net to be sure there is a room available.
*(shared bath at Oakridge)
Saturday Night Banquet
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Fill out all fields and submit form. If you would like to stay at Oakridge, please contact Deb Bonser at dbonser@usa.net to make reservations. DO NOT send payment until accommodations are confirmed.
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Iowa Star Party Liability Release

By registering for, or participating in, the Iowa Star Party I hereby affirm that I and my family release Ames Area Amateur Astronomers, Organizers, and Sponsors of the Iowa Star Party (hereinafter referred to as the "Providers") from any and all injuries or damages received or sustained arising out of or occasioned by the acts of the Providers in the execution or performance of the Iowa Star Party. I further waive any claim that I, my heirs, assigns, or personal representatives, may have against the Providers for all accidents, injuries or losses I may incur while participating in the Iowa Star Party. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Providers for any costs incurred (including attorneys fees) in defending any action brought against the Providers as a result of my participation in the Iowa Star Party. My signature upon this form also indicates agreement and acceptance on behalf of all the attendees registering on this form, and for all minor children attending while in my care. Ames Area Amateur Astronomers is a non-profit corporation registered in the state of Iowa.

Cancellation/Refund Policy:
The Iowa Star Party directors have not yet implemented weather control in order to guarantee clear skies and sunny weather. We look forward to doing so within the next few centuries, but in the mean time, we have the following policy for cancelling your registration. We are able to refund your entire fee if notified by September 7, 2017. After that date, we will only refund 50% of the Oakridge camping fee and 80% of the primitive camping fee.

By entering your name, you are indicating that you have read and agreed to the above Release Form.

Payable to AAAA and mail registration form and check to

Iowa Star Party
c/o AAAA PO Box 1961
Ames, IA 50010